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Polyurethane Properties

  • Abrasion Resistance: Urethane is more resistant to abrasion and wear than most plastics, rubber and metal.
  • Toughness: Urethane is non-brittle even at higher hardness and resists fracture during shock or impact loading.
  • Tear Resistance: Urethane is more resistant to cuts and tears than rubber in all applications including bellows, diaphragms and belts.
  • Hardness: Urethane formulations can be adjusted to give hardness ranging from 40 shore A Durometer (the hardness of a rubber band) to 70 shore D Durometer (the hardness of a bone).
  • Dimensional Stability: In contrasts to plastics, urethane has excellent dimensional stability over a broad range of temperatures and pressures. Urethane also has excellent elastomeric memory. They can be stretched even at high hardness to substantial elongations and return to their original dimensions.
  • Tensil Strength: Urethane can be formulated with tensile strengths to 8,000 psi while maintaining elastic characteristics.
  • Bondability: Urethane bonds tenaciously to metal and most other materials making composite parts strong and durable, cured parts can be bonded with commercial adhesives. Urethane Specialties has extensive experience in bonding urethane to metal.  The bonding process requires several steps in the cleaning and prep process to achieve the bond necessary for a quality part.  We can bond any metal object with urethane from aluminum to retreading a cast iron or steel wheel. 
  • Chemical Resistance: Urethane formulations have excellent resistance to most solvents and other chemicals.
  • Color: Urethane can take on just about any color imaginable.
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