Urethane Specialties was founded in 1976 by brothers John & Dick Trew. At the time they owned a company that made polyurethane wheels for the caster industry. They also honored requests to make special urethane parts. The custom urethane side of the business grew to the point where both operations could no longer occupy one building, so Urethane Specialties was formed and moved to a separate location.

Scott Trew took over plant operations in 1979. After continued growth and several more moves, Urethane Specialties has settled into a 15,000 square foot building in Goodlettsville, Tennessee located just 15 miles north of Nashville.

Clients have come to know about our quality, service and low pricing as evidence by our customer base which extends from coast to coast.

Through our website, our hope is to introduce you to Urethane Specialties, but more importantly to add you to our list of satisfied customers.