Manufacturing Applications:
gaskets, o rings, seals, tubing, bumpers, ball check valves, fixtures, rods, sheets, guides, mountings, wear plates, linings, drive wheels, vacuum blowers, guide wheels, threaded and non-threaded nozzles, pallet jack wheels, air guide rolls, lift a loft wheels, crane wheels, scrubber/sweeper wheels, film rolls, die blocks, brake die pad holders

Roller Recovers:
clippers, paint, conveyer, feed, squeegee, pinch, holdback, nip, pellet, roofing transfer, hour glass, drive, grooved, sander

Wheel Recovers:
band saw, pull wheel, caster wheel, split wheel, solid tread wheel, pallet wheels, gear wheels

Automotive Applications:
carrier blocks, contour blocks, AGV wheels and protective coatings, gondola wheels, protective padding, support arms, caster wheels

Other Industries Served:
packaging, tobacco, textile, mining, material handling, pulp, paper printing, furniture manufacturing, and any custom molds from prints or samples